Great Barrier Reef Diving

Australia with its Great Barrier Reef  is probably the most famous diving spot in the world. Most of the good diving in the country is located off the coast of Queensland. Late winter to early summer (the seasons are opposite those of the northern hemisphere) is the best time to dive in Australia, while January to March has dangerous tropical monsoons that often cause cyclones.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest and most extensive reef system. Every scuba diver dreams of the day that they will dive in this area. The Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea are both located in the northern area of the country and remain among the most popular tourist destinations.

There are numerous dive sites along the reef, but many require that you have a guided tour because of damage to the coral caused by tourists touching it. The Far Northern Reefs, such as the Great Detached Reef and Mantis Reef, are known for the mantas, whale sharks and massive green turtles that reside in the area. Farther south, you can find the most famous sites, such as Stevey’s Bommie, Pixie Pinnacles, and Cod Hole.

Southern Queensland Diving

Southern Queensland offers divers the chance to experience one of the world’s top wreck sites, the Yongala. Additionally, off the coast of Heron Island, a bird and turtle sanctuary, you can find one of the world’s premier dives, the Heron Island Bommie. Heron Island is definitely a top spot for divers seeking to experience animal life.

Tasmania Diving

Tasmania also has a number of impressive sites. Off Governor Island, you can visit Bird Rock, a giant boulder with small caves and swimthroughs that are home to a menagerie of fish and plant life.

Nearby Easter Rock is the home of the renowned Cathedral Caves with its catacombs that lead you to Skull Cave where a beautiful variety of plant life lives. The Castle in Bicheno also has a variety of plant and animal life and has become well known for its tunnel of lobster and massive sponges.

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