Australia diving trip

Things forgotten or overlooked prior to arrival at that long-dreamed-of vacation destination can run the gamut, from minor nuisance to major disappointment. To help eliminate even the minor nuisance, here are a few things to be considered when planning and packing for a scuba diving holiday to Australia:

  1. If you have your own gear and haven’t been diving for a while, have it checked by a qualified technician, for safety reasons and to avoid any inconvenience (e.g., regulator free flows and needs adjustment — and you’re on the boat ready to enter the water for that dive of a life time).
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Kids Diving Camp

Kids Diving Camp

Are your children tired of going to the same old summer camp every year? Is it time for them to try something new? Are they constantly begging you to allow them to join you in the water? If so, you should consider sending them to a kids diving camp this year.
kids camp on great arrier reef

Companies all over the world offer diving classes for children from day camps at your local scuba training center to scuba diving lessons at their favorite summer camps. Throughout the past several years, scuba diving has become increasingly popular with children. Not only does it improve their swimming skills, but also they receive training in an exciting and adventurous hobby that they can e for life.

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