Australia diving trip

Things forgotten or overlooked prior to arrival at that long-dreamed-of vacation destination can run the gamut, from minor nuisance to major disappointment. To help eliminate even the minor nuisance, here are a few things to be considered when planning and packing for a scuba diving holiday to Australia:

  1. If you have your own gear and haven’t been diving for a while, have it checked by a qualified technician, for safety reasons and to avoid any inconvenience (e.g., regulator free flows and needs adjustment — and you’re on the boat ready to enter the water for that dive of a life time).
  2. Pack your gear carefully, to avoid damage during travel.
  3. If you are planning to do a certification class or a referral, call ahead and make the necessary reservations (in order to ensure instructor availability).
  4. If you are planning to do a certification class or a referral, be sure to have all your referral and/or medical paperwork with you.
  5. Already a certified diver? Bring your certification card. If you are unable to locate your card, contact your certification agency to arrange for replacement:
    • NAUI    (800) 553-6284
    • PADI     (800) 729-7234
    • SSI       (800) 892-2702
    • NASDS (800) 735-3483
  6. Bring your log book — not only to record your dives, but also as a way to preserve memories of Australia and your diving adventures here.
  7. Remember that you need to allow 24 hours between your last dive and any significant altitude changes, e.g., helicopter or ballon sightseeing, or your flight home. Since weather conditions are as unpredictable here as they are anywhere else, scheduling your diving for the beginning of your stay allows for greater flexibility — and minimizes the possibility of disappointment.
  8. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have about your diving in Australia..



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