Kids Diving Camp

Are your children tired of going to the same old summer camp every year? Is it time for them to try something new? Are they constantly begging you to allow them to join you in the water? If so, you should consider sending them to a kids diving camp this year.
kids camp on great arrier reef

Companies all over the world offer diving classes for children from day camps at your local scuba training center to scuba diving lessons at their favorite summer camps. Throughout the past several years, scuba diving has become increasingly popular with children. Not only does it improve their swimming skills, but also they receive training in an exciting and adventurous hobby that they can e for life.

Finding a Diving Camp

To find a kids diving camp, you can search a variety of places. If you live in a town near the ocean, scuba diving may be an important part of life. Call local companies and ask about their summer diving programs for kids. Additionally, many YMCAs have scuba instructors that either work with the YMCA or out of their own offices; you can call your local YMCA to find out more about instructors in your area.

Additionally, you may want to check with the PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) to find certified instructors and camps in your area. You can also find out which overnight summer camps offer courses in scuba diving. These opportunities may be even more interesting to your children as there will be myriad other activities in which they can participate while they are away at camp.

Diving Camp on Vacation

Many cruises and resorts offer kids scuba diving camps as well. While you are out diving or spending time relaxing by the pool, your children can join the scuba diving camp and learn the basics of diving. For younger children, classes are offered in snorkeling, many using scuba gear rather than a normal snorkel so that children can snorkel more easily. Older children, ages 10 and up, may join a junior scuba diving camp where they can receive basic junior certification so that they can go on open water dives and even dive with you.

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